Vietnamese-Latin Neo Soul Ensemble Rebirth Canal to Perform At The Back Room In Berkeley On Sunday, November 3, 2019

Contact: Sylvia Ramirez
Phone: 415-515-1411

Sept. 18, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO — Take the lush harmonies of Bill Evans and Ravel and add the sticky grooves of post J Dilla hip-hop and Afrolatin jazz. Now weave in the vocal undulations of Vietnamese folk music, and you get Rebirth Canal—a bold new Bay Area ensemble led by French-Vietnamese singer and pianist Camille Mai. Experience them live at The Back Room in Berkeley on Sunday, November 3.

A true vocal instrumentalist, Camille Mai sings with the raw emotion and technical chops of classic divas like Elis Regina and Ella Fitzgerald. Born in the Bay Area and raised in Paris, France, Mai has developed an extensive repertoire of original songs in French, English, Vietnamese, and Spanish. Since returning to San Francisco in 2011, she has released five records and worked with internationally acclaimed artists including John Santos, Nahuel Bronzini, Shahab Paranj, and Greg Landau. Mai performs regularly at venues like the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, Peace Day Festival, Neck of the Woods, and the Red Poppy Art House, where she was Resident Artist in 2014.

Mai is also a disciple of Vietnamese folk music—a thousand year-old style featuring sinuous notes and microtonal tuning particularly suited to jazz. Her cultural background has influenced her not only technically but also spiritually, and she cites the influence of her godfather, a Qi-Gong teacher and student of Thich Nhat Hanh.

"As a musician I've made the most progress by approaching singing as a spiritual practice that integrates body, mind, and breath," she says.

Rebirth Canal's concert on November 3 will feature Bay Area heavyweights Daniel Riera (solo artist, Kev Choice, Soltron) on flute, modular synth and Electronic Wind Instrument, Schuyler Karr (California Symphony, Oakland Symphony, One Found Sound) on upright bass, Marcelo Perez (Gonzalo Rubalcaba, John Daversa) on drums, and Ahkeel Mestayer (Soltron, Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids) on percussions.

The Back Room is located at 1984 Bonita Ave in Berkeley, CA. This show is all ages and patrons are allowed to bring their own bottle. Tickets are on a $10 to $25 sliding scale and can be purchased at the door or on Eventbrite.


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