Rebirth Canal at Havana Jazz Festival 2020

Rebirth Canal has been invited to perform at Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza in Havana, Cuba between January 14th and 20th! Here's the lineup:

Camille Mai – Piano & Voice

Daniel Riera – Flute, Synths, Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI)

Ernesto Mazar Kindelán (Charanga Habanera) – Bass

Marcelo Pérez (Gonzalo Rubalcaba) – Drums

Ahkeel Andres Mestayer (Idris Ackamoor) – Congas

About Rebirth Canal

"What's most striking when Camille Mai talks about music is her insistence on keeping every door open. A pianist, vocalist, composer, and leader of the band Rebirth Canal, Mai has created a protean body of songs infused with Latin American rhythms filtered through an abiding affection for the slinky grooves of the late, pervasively influential producer J Dilla. But that's just the rhythmic foundation of a sound that can encompass traditional Vietnamese modes, jazz improvisation and harmonies, French chanson and beyond..."

— Andrew Gilbert (Read the full article on Berkeleyside!)

Listen to Rebirth Canal

International Rhythm Witchcraft {2016}

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